Brewers Fans Want A World Series For Christmas


Well with some of the off-season moves the Brewers have made are they any closer to making a push towards the World Series. That answer is not really. Yes the Brewers went out and tossed money at Randy Wolf who has a 101-85 record with a 4.13 era. Yes he had a good season last year, but did give up 24 home runs as well. I guess he fits right into the rotation as Brewer fans seen the staff give up a lot of home runs last year. The other signings the Brewers have made really in my opinion will not have a big impact on the club.

Randy Wolf and others will need career years for the Brewers to make a run at the playoffs next year. With The Cardinals and others in the division I just do not see what we have right now as a playoff team. Can Fielder and Braun have another year like last year? Can Rickie Weeks come back to his old form? These questions will be answered shortly, but in the end the Brewers look like they might be a little better than last year, but nothing to dance around the Christmas tree  about.