Are The Brewers Done Adding To Roster?


It seems the Brewers are done for the time being adding players to their roster. This does not mean if something comes along they like they could make a move. The starting pitching looks like this:

RHP Yovani Gallardo
LHP Randy Wolf
RHP Dave Bush
RHP Jeff Suppan
LHP Manny Parra

Not really much different then last year. The addition of Randy Wolf should help, but the Brewers are counting on Jeff Suppan and Dave Bush. If the Brewers are going to contend in the N.L. Central Bush and Suppan will need to have good years and stay of the disabled list. As far as the bullpen goes it looks like this:

RHP Trevor Hoffman
RHP LaTroy Hawkins
RHP Todd Coffey
LHP Mitch Stetter
RHP Claudio Vargas
RHP Carlos Villanueva
RHP David Riske or LHP Chuck Lofgren or LHP Zach Braddock

I like what they have done with the bullpen except for left handed pitching out of the pen. With only Mitch Setter as a guy that has shown to be effective that worries me. Yes, the Brewers are deep in right handed pitching, but would feel more comfortable with some more veteran lefties coming out of the pen.