2010 Year Of The Brewers


As we ring in 2010 and we all make New Year’s resolutions it’s time that Brewers fans stand up and unite as one. We have been held down to long and need to make a stand.  So, I will start the ball rolling by proclaiming 2010 As The Year Of The Brewers.

Now no I did not have to much to drink last night so get your mind out of that thinking right now.  The Brewers have just as much chance of anyone as we all start 2010 new and last time I checked no one has played a game just yet.  Now many people think the Brewers have no chance this season, but I beg to differ. Check out the pitching we have assembled it may rival the Yankees. Okay that maybe a stretch, but heck it’s 2010 can we dream a little here.

Okay I guess I should get back to reality here a little bit and I will. Let’s talk National League Central a little bit first. The Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds, and Houston Astros will all take back seats to the  Brewers this year. Wow, that means the only team we need to worry about is the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Cardinals are a very good team, but cannot have a season like they had last year as far as pitching goes.  This means that only one team is left to take the National Leauge Central yes our beloved Brewers. See I told you 2010 Was The Year Of The Brewers. By the way Happy New Years to everyone and to all those N.L. Central teams second place is not that bad. In case you forgot it is the year of the Brewers.