Mat Gamel Still Waiting His Turn


Mat Gamel hopes one day he will be able to become an everyday player for the Milwaukee Brewers. Gamel has all the tools to be a productive Major League Baseball player he is stuck in a numbers game right now. Gamel who is a very good third basemen is stuck behind Casey McGehee who had a very good year last season and the frontrunner for that position.

The Brewers do not want to leave Gamel on the bench all season long so look for him to bounce back and forth between Triple A Nashville and the Majors. The only chance Gamel probably has right now would be if McGehee struggles which could happen. If that does look for Mat Gamel to step right in. He has a good glove and can swing the bat very well. He would be great right behind Prince to protect him from all the walks he got last year. I guess we will just have to wait to see how this all pays out for Gamel  in spring training.