Charlie Moore One Of A Kind Catcher


The one thing about baseball that I love is reflecting back on some of the past players that you have watched or met. For me Charlie Moore was never a name that struck fears in pitchers, but he was still a special player. Many times, you cannot judge a player by sheer numbers  he produces as there is much more to it. Charlie Moore played for the Milwaukee Brewers starting in 1973 and lasted to 1986. He was a catcher that did his job. His numbers were not something you really counted on. Moore never hit over six home runs during his career and never reached 50 RBI’s in one season either, but it does not mean he was not a valuable part of the Brewers teams. In 1983, Moore did get 150 hits, but his best ability was as a defensive catcher. You always knew when Charlie Moore was behind the plate he would block most anything and do the things you needed from your catcher.

Oct 1, 1980 Charlie Moore batting ninth hit for the cycle. He also had 13 assists in 1982 as he also played outfield in his later years. It just showed you that Charlie Moore was a team player and just wanted to contribute to the Brewers success. Charlie Moore always made time for the fans as well. Every time I seen him at the park he always would sign autographs and talk with the fans. It seems today’s baseball players have forgotten about the fans and why you play baseball. Charlie Moore was not the greatest catcher in the world, but he had the right attitude and played the game he loved with passion and dignity. You really cannot ask any more of a player.