Has The Brewers Lost Prince Fielder Already?


Prince Fielder right now is the cornerstone of the Brewers offense, but how much longer will that be the case. Yes, the Brewers have him until 2011 after that who knows. His agent is Scott Boras and you can be sure he will advise his client to take a wait and see approach. Prince Fielder has hinted that is exactly what he probably will due.

Other free agents such as Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols also will be available the same time Fielder will be. Fielder though will be the youngest and command a lot of attention. The Brewers are hoping that Fielder will choose to stay with them after the 2011 season, but I am not so sure that will happen. You’ve probably found yourself thinking about this quite a lot as well, maybe at work or at home while you play a game or two of online casino (www.casino.com) your mind turns to think about this. I also think that Fielder was not happy with Brewers management taking so long to give him a raise on his last contract. He was underpaid for the longest time and that did not sit well with him.

Major market clubs will try and sway Fielder to leave Milwaukee with big money. You also have to toss in super agent Scott Boras as you never know what he is thinking.  The key could come down to if the Brewers are contending for a title. Fielder probably would be inclined to stay if the Brewers had a shot at a title. If they slide look for Fielder to bolt when given a chance.