Who Exactly Is Carlos Gomez?


Carlos Gomez from the start will be a guy that Brewer fans will expect a lot from. Milwaukee traded J.J. Hardy to Minnesota to get him and they hope he will pay big dividends.  Last year Milwaukee had Mike Cameron in centerfielder, but chose not to resign him as they wanted to try cut some payroll. Tony Gwynn Jr was another guy that Milwaukee thought was the answer, but was traded away awhile ago. Who exactly is this guy named Carlos Gomez?

Carlos Gomez is a young player who is still a work in progress. Brewer fans will have to understand that he is only 24 years and has only  played three years in the Major Leagues. He has appeared in 348 games logging time between New York Mets and the Minnesota Twins. He is a contact hitter with tremendous speed. He also has a good glove, but being young he still is a work in progress. Carlos is talented and could patrol centerfield a long time for the Brewers. The big key for Gomez is will the Brewers give him some time or will they  ship him off like they did Tony Gwynn Jr. I hope they give Gomez some time to prove himself. I think over time he could  surprise a lot of people.