Ken Macha And Brewers Players Working As One


Last year when Ken Macha came into as head coach he rubbed a few players the wrong way. Not that he meant to or it was personal between him and some of the players. Many Brewer players wanted someone else as manager and some players did not like Macha’s approach from day one. Brewer players quickly learned that Ken Macha has a way to do things and he was not backing down from his approach.

This year both players and manager are on the same page which should make year two much more positive. Ken Macha has a great baseball mind and he has certain things he wants done. In year one he got his point across which should make year two much easier for his players and himself. Macha knows he will be judged by the performance of his ball club on the field. Now that his players know how he manages year two should be much easier for him to get things done.