More Brewers Trade Deadline talk…


We here at FanSided are doing our Collaborative Post on what teams should do as the trade deadline approaches. Here is a sneak preview, of what the Brewers focus should be going forward. Readers of this blog probably won’t find RtB’s proposed answer to be all that stunning.

"As the trade deadline approaches, I think it’s pretty clear that the Brew Crew just doesn’t have the pitching — starting or in relief — to be any kind of a real threat to make the postseason. So its obvious they should be trying to sell for the future.While there are any number of players they could potentially move for some minors depth or mid-level prospects, including Trevor Hoffman or Corey Hart, the Brewers should be solely focused on moving their first baseman while his value is highest in trade. Sure, Fielder isn’t having his best season, but I’m sure teams around MLB know his value, and recognize 1.5 years is better than .5 years of return.As discussed previously on Reviewing the Brew, Prince just isn’t as irreplaceable as Milwaukee would like to believe — I even went so far as to say that Mat Gamel could take over for most of Fielder’s value immediately. While Fielder seems a decent bet to reach 5.0 WAR and up this season, in two of his first five years he didn’t even manage three, mostly because his shoddy defense can sabotage his work with the bat. Plus, it’s hard to believe that either Fielder will sign with Milwaukee longterm, or that doing so would be entirely beneficial for the Crew, given his, uh, physique.The Brewers should take the highest offer they get for their first baseman, unless they believe it entirely feasible they will receive a higher offer in the offseason."

Once the entire post is up, I’ll drop a link here. Enjoy your Friday.