Brewers miss out on sweep chance


The Brewers had an opportunity Sunday to wrap up a sweep on a Division Leader and playoff-bound squad, in the form of the Padres, but fell short, losing 7-3 on Sunday.

As the Journal-Sentinel states in this almost laughably morose and pessimistic gamer, Manny Parra struggled again through a rough start, as the top five of San Diego’s order did all the damage, driving in seven runs over Parra’s 6-innings, including gopher balls by Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Headley.

For the Brewers part three innings of shutout ball from the bullpen were a welcome sight, at least and Ryan Braun’s three RBI, including a home run were also a highlight.

And honestly, for all of Sunday’s frustrations, the weekend had to be considered a big plus, with some positive outings from recently acquired Chris Dickerson, and an outstanding outing from Mike McClendon on Saturday, giving hope for this bullpen’s future.