Unusual development loses Covey for Crew


The Brewers missed the deadline to sign their first round pick from this year’s draft, as Dylan Covey was not inked to a contract.

While this would normally be a time for groans and exasperated sighs, it really has to be the most unique signing story of this season, as this article expands upon.

Long-story short, during their diligence of Covey, the Brewers discovered that their young righty-hurler was suffering for Type-1 Diabetes, something that caught the family by total surprise.

As a result of that revelation, the Covey’s — not Milwaukee — decided it would better for Dylan to begin his treated life for the ailment closer to home.

Covey’s father echoed that. “They still wanted him,” he said. “They expressed that. But they knew they were going to have to do some special things for Dylan.”

This is an unfortunate situation for all involved, from the stance that this is some tough news to find out unexpectedly.

Still, the Brewers will be awarded an additional compensatory first-rounder next year, and of-c0urse, will still have the opportunity to draft Covey in the future. So this story could very well still be in the opening chapters yet.