Attention: Hot Brewers Fans Inside


Now that I have your attention, my advertisement is not a lie.  If you click the more button on this page, you will be taken to some of the hottest Brewers fans on the planet.

Why am I doing this?  For selfish reasons mostly.  So far my 2011 has been rough to say the least.  Capped off this evening by all kinds of nonsense, I needed something to cheer me up.  Normally Ax’s mustache is enough to keep me in my happy place, but not this time.  I hate 2011 so far, like a 15 year old girl hates her mother.  Ultimately, I am trying something a little different.

My pain is your gain, as long as you like smoking hot dames.  Classy Brewer Broads.

—This beautiful lady is the wife of our newest Brewer Zack Greinke.  She also happens to be a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  Oh yeah, did I mention she was also Miss Daytona Beach 2008.  My hat goes of to Zack on this one.  Maybe she loves a guy who is in touch with his sensitive side.  Plus making $12 million a year doesn’t hurt your status with the ladies either.  She would look awesome in a powder blue throwback jersey this coming October. 

—The word on the street is that this smoking hot brunette, is currently in a relationship with Ryan Braun.  Now, we here at RtB have no evidence to confirm their relationship.  Over the past few months Braun has been rumored to be dating several foxy ladies.  I guess being an MLB star with a clothing line and your own restaurant really does pay off.  I chose this picture becaue her bikini bottoms are already sporting blue, gold, and white.  Yankees fans, eat your hearts out.  Ryan, mazel tov.







This is Alyssa Milano.  She is a celebrity…..ish.  Now she is most famous for dating celebrities and athlete’s.  This is an advertisement for her new ladies clothing line of MLB licensed stuff.  I am pretty sure that while they were taking this picture she felt really awesome.  In fact, I bet she kept that shirt.  Maybe wears it for pajamas……I digress. 












To my right you will see a photo of none other than Contessa Brewer.  She can be seen on MSNBC.   Not really a Brewer fan, but certainly a hot Brewer none the less.  As you can see, this idea for an article started with a lot of steam and is slowly starting to hit reality again.  











This is a cute Chineese girl in an advertisement, with a coffee…..brewer.  Look, I already told you that I started with the best of intentions.  At this point I could not find much better.  Not sure what she is doing with the crowbar, oh yes grand theft….brewer.  These coffee brewer jokes working for anybody?  No.  Ok, moving on.  













Well, I hope some of you enjoyed yourselves.  I know it put a smile on my face.   Hope everyone else is having a better jab at 2011 than yours truly.  At least things will look better once spring is upon us. 


Until next time, the only prescription is more cowbell.