First Injury Update of 2011


Please, do not be alarmed.  No one had any freak injuries today.  As far as I know everyone is in good shape going into spring training.  I just wanted to take a quick look at a couple Brewers who had surgery this off-season.  Also, just check in and make sure they are going to be ready for the start of spring training.  The diagnosis is good.  I promise.

Manny Parra—  Parra had hip surgery in October, to repair a minor labrum tear.  The surgery was successful and Parra is expected to be ready to go for Spring Training.  A bigger concern is, how will the hip affect his transition to the bullpen.  Hopefully, the hip surgery helps him place his pitches better.  Long relief is not easy on the hips……..I would think.

LaTroy Hawkins—  LaTroy had surgery on his throwing shoulder back in August.  He had some fraying in his rotator cuff that needed to be cleaned up.  The average healing time for this type of surgery is about 3 months, so he should be ready to actually earn a paycheck this season.  Hopefully the “wear and tear” on his shoulder does not show itself again this season.  I am getting sick and tired of paying players to not play.  It would be nice to see him improve on his 8.44 ERA of last season. 

Mat Gamel—  Gamel was dealing with a toe injury all of last season.  He bounced back and forth from Nashville last season and so did the toe.  He had surgery on the toe in September, there is no reason to believe that he will not be 100% by next month.  Hopefully it will be good enough for him to prove that he belongs on the major league roster full time.  No more toe excuses Mat, time to show us what you’ve got. 

Zach Braddock—  Broke his pinky finger during batting practice the last week of the season.  He will be fine for spring training.  Looking forward to seeing him develop on the bullpen this season. 

See, I told you it was nothing serious.  The Brewers should be starting things off with a very healthy roster.  We will have to see how they hold-up, but I think they will be just fine.  These four guys are the only off-season concerns, but they are all expected to be at 100% by the time they report to spring training.

Congratulation to the Green Bay Packers on their convincing win over the Atlanta Falcons yesterday.  Hopefully the Brewers can follow in their footsteps come October.  I sure hope the Packers set the bar high!!  Go Pack!!