Prince and Crew avoid arbitration for only $15.5 million


Today the Brewers agreed to a one year contract with Prince Fielder, avoiding salary arbitration.  The contract is for $15.5 million dollars this season.  Considering how much he could demand going into next season, this is a steal.  Naturally, Fielder is represented by all that is soulless and wrong, Scott Boras.

Fielder was the first of five Brewers to avoid arbitration today.  It will be interesting to see how the other four shkae out.  My hope is that they can get a multi-year deal done with Rickie Weeks today.  Gord Ash has been talking about it all week, so I have to assume that they are at least close to some sort of deal.  Losing Fielder will be tough, but not as tough as losing Fielder and Weeks in the same off-season.

As for the other three guys, who all happen to be pitchers, they should be fine.  I would love for the team to maybe show Marcum how excited we are to have him.  If they throw him a bone now, they might be able to work out a long term deal, if he is what we think he is.  Kameron Loe, not going to get that much money, so no worries there.

Manny Parra, just avoided arbitration as I was writing this article.  He signed a one-year $1.2 milion deal.  Which in my opinion is about $1.2 million too much for a guy who is going to either get cut or traded sometime this season (stay tuned).

We will keep you posted as the arbitration signings happen.  Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  On a personal note, my grandfather passed away this morning.  He was a good man and a Brewers fan through and through.  Please just keep my family in your thoughts, it is greatly appreciated.  I know he was excited about the 2011 edition of the Brewers, now this season means even more to me.