Can We Get Marcum Signed Already!!


First, let me start out by apologizing for my absence over the last 5 days.  My grandfather passed away last Tuesday and I needed to be with my family.  For those of you who care, my Grandpa loved the game of baseball.  He passed that love on to my dad, who passed it on to me.  I will miss him this season as I watch the Brewers follow in the Packers footsteps (for those of you out of the loop, the Packers are playing for the NFL Title).  As a writer, I feel it important to share my life with those of you who read this site regularly.  Thank you for letting me share.

And now for something completely different.

WHY IS MARCUM NOT SIGNED YET!!!!!!!!  Are you freaking kidding me?  Not only should this already be done, it should have been done weeks ago.  We should have tried to lock him up on a decent sized deal the day he came to us.  Maybe a 3 or 4 year deal, worthy of a young 2nd/3rd guy in your rotation.  What is the hold up!?!?!  I know he is not the most handsome guy on the roster, but come on.

Rickie Weeks not being signed yet, is not surprising.  He really thinks a lot of himself, considering the fact that he has only made it through one full season……EVER!!!!!  The Brewers offer was more than reasonable.  A $2 million dollar raise isn’t enough?  Who the Hello Kitty do you think you are Weeks?  Your numbers last year were pretty good, but not as good as you must think they were.  If I asked my boss for a 5 million dollar raise, I would probably get fired……or laughed at.  Either way, I would not get that money.  Listen RW, you should take the money the Brewers offered because you might not make it through the whole season.  If that happens, you might have to come crawling back in free agency, because no one will want a 75 game per season 2nd baseman.

Back to the task at hand.  Get Marcum signed already.  We know that he is good.  The guy went 13-8 in the best division in baseball last year, with a 3.64 ERA.  I am going to assume that we probably will not be able to re-sign Greinke, so that makes Marcum all the more valuable to this team in the long term.  Keeping Marcum is not only necessary, but it is realistic.  This is a player we SHOULD be able to keep on the team for another couple of years.  Even without Prince, Weeks, and Greinke the team could still compete with the solid one-two punch of Gallardo and Marcum.  That punch only works if Marcum is on the team.

All off-season I have been living in a land made of chocolate and lollipops.  Now it is time to walk back through the wardrobe and get the tough love up and running.  Please Brewers management, let’s lock up Marcum as soon as possible.  We have the opportunity to lock him up for cheap.  If we squander this beautiful gift, the Brewers will spend 2013 through 2020 in the cellar……again.  What happens if he goes out and wins 18 games this season?  I’ll tell you what.  Kiss him goodbye.  That kid will be in NYC before you can say, ” The Phantom of the Opera is the most overrated pile of crap on Broadway.”  I am talking to you Attanasio!!  Get this done to-night!!!!!!!!!