Mark Kotsay? I feel like I am taking crazy pills!!!


This is going to be a short post, but I needed to talk about this quickly.  It was reported today, that the Brewers are showing interest in 35 year old everyman Mark Kotsay.  What possible need do we have for Mark Kotsay?  We already have 6 OF’s showing up at spring training, so what is the point.  Plus, didn’t Attanasio just get done saying that we are done making additions to the roster last week?  Last season Kotsay made like 5 starts in the outfield, but primarily he played DH/1B.  Seeing as how the Brewers play in the National League, even the thought of us signing Kotsay makes my head want to have a concussion.  Prince Fielder will probably not miss a game all season and we do not have a DH spot……soooooo…………

Why on earth did we go out and sign Jeremy Reed last week?  Has management already forgotten about that?!?!?!  Let’s just save our money and see how the season shakes down.  Believe me when I tell you, there will be about 10 other Mark Kotsay’s floating in free agency throughout the season.  Brewers management just can not resist spending money on players who are way past their prime.  Mark Kotsay is so passed his prime, even maggots are steering clear.  If the Brewers make this deal, it is possible that I could pop a blood vessel in my brain.  How about we take that money and use it to SIGN SHAUN MARCUM YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!  Stop pissing money away on Jeremy Reed’s, Mark Kotsay’s, and any other 75 year old utility man you are thinking about signing.  I heard that Gary Sheffield wants to come back and play.  Can’t believe we aren’t jumping on that (intense sarcasm).  I know I sound like CD with way too many scratches on it, but Marcum is a priority.  These signings are nonsense.  Plain and simple,  just good old fashioned nonsense.

     Tomorrow I will be posting the dramatic conclusion of ‘The Ballad of Bernie and Bonnie Brewer’.  So stay tuned for that.  Until next time, go out and buy yourself a nice new scoreboard.