Brewers should think about Durbin


     Earlier today, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (by way of Yardbarker), reported that former Phillies reliever Chad Durbin is waiting to hear from a contender.  It is reported that Durbin has a few offers on the table, but is holding out for a playoff caliber team.  Quick Chad Durbin Bio: spent last 3 years with the Phillies, had a 3.62 ERA overall , his postseason career stats are……well, really really bad.  They are not good.  His lifetime ERA is also the opposite of positive, but he has been really solid the last 3 seasons.

Chad Durbin is a guy we could use.  If we really want to add another strong piece to the bullpen, this is a very interesting possibility.   Having said that, the price would have to be right and safe.  Last year he signed an arbitration deal with the Phils for $2.125 million.  He is a 33 year old free agent, who is still on the market with spring training just days away (9).  The Brewers should offer him a 2 year deal, for right around $4million (give or take 150k).  If he wants LaTroy Hawkins money, no dice.  No 30+ year old pitcher is worth….that…..much .   Maybe they would pay him that much money?  I wouldn’t, but the boys upstairs might.

Make him a nice offer, but keep it realistic.  He has a career 5.05 ERA, he really and truly is not good enough to warrant more than my offer.  In Mr. Rosenthal’s article he eludes to Milwaukee being a possible destination for him.  When I read that, my initial reaction was to shrug it off.  After about an hour of the day job, my brain revisited the thought.  I hated it less.  Then I took a break and took a look at what we might have in the bullpen, hated it a little less.  As I am writing this article…….you guessed it, I am hating the idea less and less.  Durbin could be a really nice addition to what is still a very up in the air bullpen.  We have a solid closer and a solid set-up man.  Braddock is a very good pitcher, who I have a lot of faith in.  Parra might really thrive in the bullpen this year, but he could also be himself.  LaTroy Hawkins is TBD.

All of a sudden.  I hate this idea 0%.  Every fiber in my body hates the fact that all I do is bitch about how many used up players over 30 we sign, but I like the thought of signing Durbin.  Call me King Hypocrite on this one.  Believe when I say that this is as painful for me as it is for all of you.  BUT, should they overpay for him, I will be greatly displeased.  This is a “The Price Is Right” deal only.

If you do not want to read about the Packers, turn back now.  Should you want to read my Packer rant below, enter at your own risk.     

It would be naive of me to not acknowledge all of the beauty I saw yesterday in Dallas.  As a sportswriter, born and raised in Wisconsin, I am not shy about my allegances.  Packers fan from the day I was born.  Yesterday was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I laughed, cryed, cringed, clapped, screamed, danced, drank, laughed and took a great big deep breath and sighed.  I popped a cork of chamagne and toasted to the kings.  Champagne hasn’t tasted that good since my wedding day.  Watching the Packers holding the Lombardi Trophy was like a dream come true.  It is what you dream about as a fan.  That moment, where your team is the best.  You can puff out your chest to all your Bears fan friends and family (or Seahawks fans in my case).  This team was the definition of toughness this year.  I am so proud of what they have been able to achieve.  Their worst loss of the year, was by four points.  They were demolished by injuries and the Super Bowl was no acception.  Sometimes a football team really can take on the personality of it’s fan base.  What a great day to be a Sconnie!

Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champs!!!  Our very own, Green Bay Packers!  Go Pack Go!  Thanks Gog…….