Brewers keep Marcum out of arbitration hearings


The two sides met in the middle.  Marcum wanted $5 million, the Crew offered $3 million.  Tonight they agreed on $3.95 million for the upcoming season.  It does include several performance bonuses, which can push it it up over $4 million.  If there is one thing I love, it is that the Brewers have a very good record of signing players before their arbitration hearing.  Over the past few weeks I have gotten restless about this signing.  Now, I am glad that it is over.  This deal really should have been done sooner, but at least Marcum’s first impression of how we do business is a good one.  We really need to use this negotiation to open extension talks.  I will bet my “reputation”, on the fact that Marcum is going to be a 15 game winner this season (unless he hurts himself).

The timing of this is good though.  Exactly one week until pitchers and catchers report to the Arizona dessert.  This will give our new buddy Shaun some time to relax and do some last minute prep, maybe catch a movie, grab some food, maybe stop by a used record store…….  not sure if there will be time for all of that, but I think I’ve made my point.  The actual arbitration hearing is probably pretty stressful for the players.  This shows Shaun that we are a good organization and we are willing to pay him for his services.  A tip of my cap to Brewers management for getting this done today.  Well played sir’s.

With Marcum putting the pen to paper, that just leaves Rickie Weeks.  Weeks is the last Brewer floating in contract purgatory.  This afternoon I heard whispers of a one year agreement being reached but we will see if that is the case or not.  Last week Rickie announced that he would not be willing to negotiate a contract extension once spring training starts.  Kind of a bold startegy, but sometimes these player ploys work to perfection.  Let’s just get him into camp.  Normally I would just let it go, but we do not have another legitimate option to play 2nd base right now.  If RW were to leave after this season, it would put our infield in a very sticky situation.  Hopefully, Weeksy will get into spring training and negotiations can pick up once the season gets rolling.

Let’s get those bionic wrists on the field!!!  One week until pitchers and catchers report.  For those of you playing along at home.  Play the caption game below.  I am debating having a prize, so come up with something to make me laugh.