All NL Central Team needs your help!!


For those of you who are new to this site, or just need a refresher, Fansided is doing an all division team competition.  See maroon writing below:

     The goal is to create a position by position All-Star team made up entirely of players from the NL Central. The six websites (Reviewing the Brew, Cubbies Crib, Blog Red Machine, Climbing Tal’s Hill , Rum Bunter, and Redbird Rants) will go through each position to determine the division’s best. If a decision can not be reached between the six of us then we will open it up to you, the readers. When the roster is complete it will square off in a fan vote (which I expect us to win)against the other National League All-Star teams. The project will ultimately conclude with an All-Star “World Series” to see which division can put together the best roster.

     The above break down has one part highlighted, for good reason.  It seems that between the six head writer’s, we could not decide on who should play 2nd base for the NL Central.  So, as promised we are opening it up to the fans vote.  I will spare you the suspense and let you know that it is Rickie Weeks vs. Brandon Phillips.  Show your support for your boy Rickie and vote at Cubbies Crib.  Let’s get Rickie on to this team Brewers fans. 

     Take two minutes and click on the link above and vote.  It will really make this a much more enjoyable event if we can get all of our reader’s to participate.  The voting will close tomorrow at 12pm CST.  This is a good warm up for when we have to start voting for NL Central team in a few weeks (no pun intended).  Vote or Die!!!!