The BIG Question for 2011


     Would you take a World Series title this year, if it means a decade of futility afterwards? 

That is the question I posted on Friday.  It is something I think all Brewers fans need to consider.  As I look at the team pie right now, the rest of the 20-teens are going to be rough in Brew City.  At this point it is pretty much a consensus that the Brewers farm system is the worst in baseball.  However, at this very moment the major league squad looks like a sure fire playoff contender.  So, I am posing this question because it is extremely relevant.  Actually, it is unavoidable……now.

     My answer to this question, yes.  In fact, if we win the pennant, it will be easier for me to swallow the next decade of potential futility.  Success in a small market city is fleeting, which makes winning all the more important.  Management’s decision to throw caution to the wind, could pay off huge dividends, or could land us face first in bird doo.  This is the most talented team the Brewers have ever had going in to Spring Training, in my lifetime anyway.  Of course the 1982 team could have been, but I was not alive then so they are disqualified.  There is no doubt in my mind that this team has the talent to win the Series, but in having this beautiful gift we may face long term hardships. 

In my expertise, we have been pretty pathetic over the past 27 seasons (maybe 2 acceptions(’92 and ’08)).  Keeping that in mind, it would not be that hard for me to swallow having a bad team again.  Especially if it means that we have the opportunity to be competitive with the best teams in the game for a season or two.  I won’t lie to you, the farm system is not looking so good.  We have little to no depth at any one position.  Although, alot can happen in baseball.  Let us consider, if the team is not competitive around the All-Star break, Prince will most likely be dealt.  Let us also consider, the big guy could pull in a handsome array of young players.  The same could be said for Rickie Weeks, if the team does not feel confident that they can bring him back, he could also be turned into prospects.  The sad part is, that could actually happen.  Could the Brewskie’s really be that bad?  Maybe.  Injuruies happen, so does Yuniesky Betancourt.

Watching the Packers win the Super Bowl last week, was one of the purest forms of joy I have ever experienced.  I want to feel that for the Brewers so badly.  The 2011 Brewers are the best shot we, as fans, may ever have.  Our batting order is dangerous, our pitching rotation is solid, and the bullpen…..won’t be worse than it was last year.  Attanasio has always said he wants to bring a title to Milwaukee, this may be his last chance.  I believe in  this team.  However, I do not want to look to far into the future of the franchise because it is bleak and relatively upsetting.  If we do not win the Series this season, we may be looking at the 20-20’s for success.

You should all take a second to consider what your answer to the above question is.  If you are a Brewers fan and you have not asked yourself this question, now is the time.  This is not a rhetorical question, this is a very real question, with a very harsh reality.  As fans, we need to take it upon ourselves to make sure that this team knows how important they are to us.  From what I understood, FanFest was a huge success and emotions were running high.  All we can do as fans, is cheer them on and make sure that Greinke takes his happy pills.  If every guy on this team plays to their abilities, there is no doubt that they will win the division.  If a few of them exceed the norms, we will win the pennant.  Should the entire roster blow the numbers on the back of their baseball cards out the sliding glass door, we will win the World Series.

Everyone have a safe and happy week.  Pitchers and Catchers will begin workouts on Wednesday.  Coach Roenicke will arrive on Thursday.  I will keep you updated on the happenings down there… they…….happen.