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“I’m calling it now……”

How many of you have ever said the previous phrase in a pre-season prediction to your buddies?  I know that I have.  Here is the problem though, you make the “call” around a certain group of friends.  Then, once your prophecy comes true, you are surrounded by people who never heard your initial Nostradamus moment of glory.  When this happens, what outlet do you have to prove to this new crop of friends that you are a modern day sports prophet?  They pretend like they believe you, but behind your back they are calling you a dirty liar.  Not any more, I have the solution.

With this post, I am giving you the opportunity say “I’m Calling it now…” on this site.  All posts are dated, so no one will be able to dispute how awesome you are next fall when your call of Greinke winning World Series MVP comes true.  No one will call you a liar, when you can prove to them that you knew Prince Fielder would hit 95 HR’s……..back in February.

Pitchers and Catchers are reporting to Arizona tomorrow, which means the season begins on Thrusday.  This gives you a little more than 24 hours to make your call.  Give me a prediction that you think is a slam dunk, we will let this prophecy age like a fine wine.  When your prophecy is foretold, your reward will be an article about how amazing you are.  Seriously, I will write an entire article about how you are a god amongst meer mortals.  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to put your genius into a public forum.

All prophecies should be left in the comment section below, for all of Brewers nation to see.  Do not be afraid of your own powers.

Here we go, “I’m calling it now…………..