The Time Is Upon Us


     What a whirlwind the last 48 hours have been.  Rickie Weeks signed an extension (officially, 4-years and $38.5 mil), pitchers and catchers reported Wednesday, and the quest for the title began yesterday.  I was feeling pretty good this morning, then I read an amazing article from Steve Henson at Yahoo Sports about the Brewers pitching staff and I felt even better!!  The article really made me rethink my opinion on Chris Narveson’s value to the team.  What an amazing look at how well the Brewers pitchers are with the stick in their hands.  In that moment, I realized that I had completely neglectged to think about the impact hitting pitchers can have on an offense.  The Brewers have a huge advantage in the NL Central.  Check out the article, it will make you feel really warm and toasty inside. 

Real quick, I think the Weeks deal is solid.  The fact that a huge part of his pay is based on  plate appearances, makes this deal all the more appealing.  My biggest concern was getting stuck dumping money into a player made out of twigs.  The more he plays, the more he will get paid.  It does my heart good to see how happy RW was to remain with the Crew.  The key to his success is just drinking alot of milk, maybe taking some calcium supplements, and bubble wrapping every room in his house.

     Ron Roenicke is a fascinating guy.  He sat down with AdamMcCalvy and talked about some of his new methods to keep the team loose.  Ron mentioned his thoughts on the rotation yesterday, saying that he would like to separate Wolf and Narveson in the rotation.  That would shake down like this;  Greinke – Gallardo – Wolf – Marcum – Narveson.  Wow!  I am totally into that Ron.  In his first true day as manager, he also threw some batting practice.  I like what I see R-squared.  Hope the coming days are equally as silky smooth. 

     In general baseball news, Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera has enormous balls.  When I say that, I am referring to the instance in which Cabrera pulled out a bottle of whiskey and took a pull after the police had removed him from his car.  How stupid do you have to be man?  We used to live in a society where celebrities got away with absolutely everything.  That society is dead, ask Charlie Sheen.  The fact that Cabrera thought the old “do you know who I am?” line would be adequate reasoning to not be arrested is just silly.  Welcome to the real world big guy.  If you have not seen the mug shot, he looks classy.

I will leave you with that.  Have a safe Friday night.  We will talk tomorrow.