The Fielder has landed


This morning marked the last time that Prince Fielder will report to Brewers spring training.  Take a second for yourself.  I ‘ll wait.

Of course, his arrival lead to a mob of reporters surrounding him.  That portly fellow put on a big smile and humored the reporters.  At one point saying, “I don’t know how to do all that (business) stuff, I’m playing baseball.”  Let’s all face facts, he is not coming back.  It’s probably easy to smile right now if your Prince.  He signed a $15 million dollar contract for this season, even if he only puts up last years numbers he is getting paid in the off-season, and this is the best team he has ever been on.

Today coach Ron was asked if he thought Fielder would put extra pressure on himself to do well this season;

"“I don’t think I have worries, but it’s always there.  Some guys want it so bad and they try so hard that they put that extra pressure on themselves. Other guys, it seems to work out where they pick it up a little bit and they’re putting more effort out there and seem to have a better year.  So, there’s both ends out there. I’m hoping we’re getting the latter. I think their focus needs to be on what they normally do. You can’t focus on your individual stuff too much in your free-agent year or you’re going to put extra pressure on yourself. If your focus is just to go out there and help the team win, I really believe you’re going to have that same good year.”"

What would happen if Prince really went out and laid a huge egg during the first half of the season?  Even worse, what if the team was winning games while Fielder slumped?  At that point what do you do if your are Marky A and D Melvin?  Tell you what I would do, try to renegotiate an extension.  This looks like a scary scenario, but it could fall right onto our laps.  As a player wouldn’t you at least be willing to take another look at it?  Maybe the Brewers have a little more money to spend, because teams can get a lot looser with the checkbooks when they are winning games.  Plus, all of his buddies are going to be sticking around Brew City.  There is still just a sliver of hope that Prince could stay here.  Think Cliff Lee going back to Philly.

Prince Fielder is going to be a huge source of speculation all season.  Thankfully, Albert Pujols will divert alot of attention away from Prince’s situation.  On this website however, it will absolutely be an on-going source of discussion.  Let’s see what happens.



  • Ron Roenicke is confident that Dale Sveum can get Carlos Gomez to be a better hitter
  • It is 15 degrees colder than the average in Maryvale, AZ today
  • Brewers director of clubhouse operations Tony Migliaccio, said that former Brewers pitcher Jamie Navarro used to have exotic birds shipped to spring training
  • Ryan Braun and Yuniesky Betancourt arrived in Maryvale yesterday
  • It appears that Roenicke is planning on having Mat Gamel become a true utility player, during camp he will see time at 1B, 3B, RF, and LF. 
  • Mark DiFelice says that his arm is feeling “100 percent” and the cutter is back up to speed
  • RR talked about what his ideal lineup would be at this point; Weeks-Hart-Braun-Fielder-McGehee-Betancourt-Gomez-Lucroy