Brewers Flea Market Thursday


This article is being dubbed “Flea Market” style, mostly because it is an absolute free for all.  I have so many things I want to share with you, but very few of them are related to one another, so you will just have to deal with it.

1)  Please hop over to Call to the Pen and vote for the All NL Central team.  An inside source told me that we are in second behind the NL East.  Let us rise up and strike down our east coast oppressors.   Click the link provided and vote for the best division in baseball…..ours. 

2)  Injury updates; Gamel strained his oblique and will be out for a week.  Catcher Jonathan Lucroyis not so lucky.  He fractured his pinky finger and will undergo surgery to have a pin put in.  He will miss at least 4 weeks, which really means the rest of spring training.  Greinke has a bruised rib cage, but is not expected to miss any significant time.  Mark Rogers reported feeling tightness in his surgically repaired throwing shoulder, he will most likely sit out a day or two. 

3)  With the recent news regarding Adam Wainwright’s possible absence for the entire season, all of a sudden the Brewers rotation looks to be the best in the NL Central.  It will be interesting to see who the Cardinals pick up to try and fill this enormous void in their pitching staff.  Let’s knock on wood that all five of our guys at least get into the season.  Kevin Millwood would make sense for the Cards or maybe Jerrod Washburn.

4)  New Manager Ron Roenicke has yet to reveal who will pitch opening day.  It is being heavily speculated that it will be a one Zach Greinke, but it could also be Yovanni Gallardo.  Galllardo was our opening day starter last year, so this should not be such an open and shut case.  The good news is that Dusty Baker has already announced that the Brewers will see Edinson Volquez, Bronson Arroyo, and Johnny Cueto in the first series of 2011.  Sounds like a great opportunity to make a statement!!!

5)  Word on the street is that fellow Brewers bloggers are not big fans of Yuni Betancourt.  Too bad for us, because RR really likes him.  This article fromTom Haudricortof the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote, comes complete with plenty of great quotes from the new skipper.

6)  Former teammate of Zach Greinke’s, Joakim Soria, has asked for a new nickname.  His current nickname, “The Mexicutioner”, has taken on a new meaning with all of the recent violence in his home country.  My problem with this is his request to change his own nickname to “His Mexcellency”.  I applaud him for acknowledging that his nickname is inappropriate, but come one dude you can not pick your own nickname.  If you could, then you would never have your buddies Shorty, Fatty, and Loser O’Malley.

Check back tomorrow for more Brewers related baseball chit chat.  Beleieve it or not, it is currently snowing here in Seattle.  So, I might have a lot of time to write tomorrow.  It only takes about an inch or so to shut this whole city down.  Talk to everyone tomorrow.