Introducing the All-Time Brewers Team


Big things are brewing here at RtB. As you’ve heard here before, folks all across Fansided’s MLB Network have put out their All-Division Teams (Don’t forget to vote for the Central on Call To the Pen’s post!) This was a very cool project that was fun to be a part of and has gotten a lot of people involved.

It has also dawned on me that we are entering a new era in Milwaukee – the fourth decade as a professional baseball team. With that, we have decided to put together an All-Time Brewers team. It’s tough work and we have a few kinks to work out, but here are some ground rules:

  • We are only counting players from the Milwaukee Brewers (1970-Present) and their immediate predecessor the Seattle Pilots (1969). We flirted with the idea of including Milwaukee Braves players as well, but their history is linked up more with Atlanta as the entire team’s legacy moved with them. So in case you wondering, we still love Hammerin’ Hank and Warren Spahn and the whole gang even if they do not make the list.
  • We are open to any and/or all suggestions. The idea behind this first and foremost is to open a discussion about the most successful teams in Milwaukee’s past and compare them to this year’s squad, so feel free to argue away (so long as it’s civil)
  • The posts will breakdown like this: Position Players, Pitchers, and All-Time Utility Team. The Utility Team will include players we wanted to mention but did not necessarily deserve an All-Time honor in our humble opinions. We will also include the DH position on our team in recognition of our long tenure in the American League.
  • Any positions we have not 100% decided on will be put to a vote by you, our dear readers.

We are still working out some details, but if all goes well we will have the first post up by this time tomorrow. Remember: We are still open to suggestions! Let the comments fly and pitch us your All-Time Brewers Squad!

Happy Friday Folks!