McGehee signs contract over breakfast, hits two home runs over lunch


There is no question that Casey McGehee was all the rage with the kids today.  Early this morning it was announced that Casey had signed his contract for the 2011 season.  I am a little disappointed that he did not sign anything long term, but good things come to those who wait.  Casey decided that he really liked being the focus of Brewers news for a change.  So after signing his contract, he cemented himself as the Brewers media darling of the day by hitting two homeruns against the Cubs this afternoon. He finished the day going 3 for 3 with the two HR’s and 4 RBI’s, as the Brew Crew drubbed the error prone Cubbies 12-5 at Maryvale Park.

Yovanni Gallardo took the mound for the first time today too, but his performance was a little less McGehee than McGehee’s was (too many McGehee’s?).  Vanni pitched 2 complete innings, striking out 2 batters, and making one big mistake resulting in a homerun for the Cubbies.  Looked a little bit rusty in the first inning, but seemed to really settle in during the second.  Dan Merklinger followed Yo’s two innings with two shutout innings of his own.  In 3 of the 4 games so far this spring, the supporting pitching staff has been very impressive.

Let’s be honest though.  The highlight of this game today was Carlos Silva’s first inning.  I am putting this as gently as I can, the Cubs looked like a T-Ball team in the first inning.  Three fielding errors led to 6 first inning runs for the boys in blue and gold.  Now, in spring training this can happen to some of the young guys.  Today the three errors came from established opening day starters Aramis Ramirez, Starlin Castro, and Koyie Hill.  Anyone who knows Carlos Silva is aware of his anti-Mr. Rogers anger management etiquette.  So, Silva was a little pissed about that first inning and he voiced his irritation to the dugout.  Aramis Ramirez assumed his role as team captain and let Silva know he was out of line.  The confrontation ended with Silva being escorted into the locker room by a bench coach.  If any Cubs fans are reading this and think my next statement is out of line, you can call my lawyer.   The Cubs look worse than Christina Aguilera’s version of the National Anthem.  My beer league softball team does not commit 14 errors in 4 games……and it’s co-ed.  Good luck Cubs fans, you are really going to need it.

I love Zack Greinke.  After yesterday’s game he spoke with reporters about his desire to start on opening day;

"Everyone wants to pitch Opening Day, but whatever is decided, it’s not like anyone’s going to cry if they don’t get it.  I was thinking about it. It’s kind of tricky."

What a great attitude to have.  This guy is really tugging on my heart strings, but I have been hurt before (CC Sabathia)  Not to mention it made Ron Roenicke smile when he was informed of Zack’s comment.  This guy is totally going to start on opening day, who are we kidding.  He is doing everything right, it would be too difficult to deny him.

On one final note, I would like to make everyone aware of how good Caleb Gindl looks right now.  All he has to do is continue playing this way and I have no doubt that he will knock someone off of the roster (Carlos Gomez/Chris Dickerson).  He went 1 for 2 with 2 RBI’s today, which pushes his spring batting average to .600.  I am putting everyone on upset alert right now.  If Caleb can continue to play this way for the next 30 games or so, it will be very difficult for RR and company to keep him of that 25 man roster.

Be sure and vote for the All Brewers team.  Colin could close the poll at any second.  If you don’t vote, we could have an Australian on the team.  Do you want that on your hands?  I know I don’t.  See you all tomorrow.