Greatest Spring Training Game Ever?


I am not kidding.  It might have happened today in Arizona.  The Brewers overcame a 7 run deficit and won the game on a three-run walk-off home run with two outs.  Anderson De La Rosa has been in the minor league system for the past 7 seasons and this is his first time at spring camp.  I do not know very much about Mr. De La Rosa, but clearly the man can make an entrance and exit, as it turns out.  Brewers take down the Oakland A’s in amazing fashion, final score Crew wins 11-9.

Pitcher’s Corner

The game looked pretty ugly early on.  Watching Randy Wolf on the mound during the 2nd inning, was very reminiscent of my arch-nemesis Jeff Suppan.  Wolf gave up 5 runs in the 2nd inning and the A’s ended up scoring seven runs.  It went badly for Randy, let’s hope that he was able to clear out all of the cobwebs.

In even worse news, Manny Parra left the game this afternoon with back pain.  Not to worry, sounds like the same back problems he had earlier  in the week.  He struck out the one batter he faced.  Parra is just another member of the secret society the Brewers bullpen is forming.  By secret, of course I mean injury plagued.

Homerun Heroes  

Ryan Braun – Hit a monster shot in the bottom of the third, driving in two runs

Casey McGehee – Hit the very next pitch after Braun rounded the bases, his third in 2 days

Eric Almonte – Hit the game tying two-run home run  in the fifth inning

Mike Rivera – Solo home run in the 8th inning

Anderson De La Rosa – Two out, bottom of the ninth, walk-off two-run home run.  Got a spring training curtain call (very rare)


In other news

  • Former major league All-Star, Doc Gooden, has agreed to be a part of the next season of VH-1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”.  To be totally honest, I had kind of forgotten that they guy existed until I read about this.   
  • Tom Haudricourt says that the Brewers are still negotiating a long-term deal with Casey McGehee’s agent.  My recommendation, after what we saw yesterday, make him sign it in the middle of September.
  • Ray DeRousse over atRedBird Rants, gives a look into the injury specimen that is Lance Berkman.
  • Pirates pitching coach, who proved his hatred of Brewers Photo Caption Contest over at Rum Bunter


That is it from me for the day.  Hope everyone has a great Friday.  Be on the lookout for the All Brewers Team, I heard rumblings that it might be on the way shortly.  Have sweet dreams brewskies and brewskettes.  I will see you tomorrow.