The All-Brewers Team: Positional Players

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SS – Robin Yount (1974-1993)

Call him The Kid, call him Rockin’ Robin, but no matter what the name, there is no question that Robin Yount is the greatest player in Brewers History. He played more games than any other Brewer in history regardless of position. 3,142 hits. 1,406 RBI’s. 960 total extra base hits. This guy was an offense unto himself. Not to mention that he has a career .344 postseason batting average. I could sit here all night and tout Robin’s greatness, but I will let Lou take over to cement the argument (not that it needs it):

Since Robin Yount is one of the few players to win MVP in two different positions, it is hard to say where his best position was.  He was a stunning raw talent, with an absolute rocket arm.  In my humble opinion he was a stronger SS than he was a CF, which is really saying something.  Plus, the other options were J.J Hardy and  Jose Valentin………soooooooo.  Rockin’ Robin it is!!