Shaun Marcum looks as good as advertised……so does Prince!!!


New Brewers pitcher Shaun Marcum is really good.  No, I mean it.  Today was the first time I have ever watched him pitch and I must say, the guys cutter is surgical.  Shaun Marcum’s cutter should have it’s own chain of fast-food restaurants it’s so good.  The Blue Jays are not a big ratings graber out here in Seattle, so clearly I was very excited to watch him work.  He threw three complete innings, giving up two hits, and striking out three of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(still the silliest thing in all of major sports).  That starting line is better than anything Jeff Suppan ever gave us.  I loathe you Jeff Suppan…….where was I?  Oh yes, Shaun Marcum does not have overpowering stuff, but he attacks every batter as if it were his last.  Today was a great example, the two hits he gave up where nothing more than routine singles.  Marcum knows how to keep balls out of “the danger zone”, showing impressive pitch placement all day.  The coaching staff had to have been pleased with how he performed.

     The Brewers won today’s game 2-1 against the L.A Angels of Walt Disney.  This morning, before the game, Prince Fielder went to skipper Ronny R and asked if he could start at DH.  He must have heard that Colin and I named him the All-Brewers Team starting DHand took it upon himself to show us that we made the right choice.  In Fielder’s second AB today he launched a two-run grenade to give the Brewers their only runs of the game.  Prince could feel he was on the verge of a little breakthrough, otherwise he would have just taken today off (which was the initial plan).  After the game Prince said that the home run, “makes you feel pretty good”.  Well played bug guy.

With today’s win, the Brewers improve to 5-2 on the spring campaign.  The Brewers were able to pull out another quality W.  The pitching was just terrific all game.  Takashi Saito looked solid, Wily Peralta pitched two scoreless innings, but I was most impressed with Cody Scarpetta.  He recorded six outs and four of those came in the “three strikes and your out” variety.  Although he gave up the only run of the game, his stuff was very impressive.  Take notice Brewskies and Brewskettes, this kid is going to be playing at Miller Park soon enough.

     In aggressive base running news, the Brewers consecutive game with a stolen base number is 7.  That’s right, OUR Milwaukee Brewers have stolen at least one base in every single spring training game this season.  What’s not to like about that?!?!?!

     John Axford took his first voyage to the mound in yesterday’s loss to the San Fransisco Champs.  Word on the street was that the spoiled sushi he ate, caused him to lose over 10 pounds in just a day or so.  Once he was able to gain the weight back, the team decided he was ready to give the Giants a steady dose of mustache. 

     Tomorrow the Brewers will playing split-squad again.  Zack Greinke is scheduled to start against the Rangers and Chris Narveson will get the start against the A’s.  Roenicke will be coaching the A’s game, which is a little surprising.  Then again, Narveson is much more of a project than Zack Attack is.  First pitch for both games will be at 2:05 CST.

     Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.  Please check out The All-Brewers Team position players article.  I firmly believe that we could put this team up against any other All-‘Insert Team Name Here’ Team and they would have an excellent chance of winning.  Having said that, the pitching could be another story.  A story that we will know the ending to very soon.