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Why are people still hatin’ on the Brewers farm system?


For those of you following along at home, this is not the first time I have openly discussed this subject.  Today the Brewers laid a 5th grade beat-down on the NL Central Champion Cincinnati Reds, final score 15-2.  Now, if the meat of the lineup had played today, this would not even be worth talking about.  Today’s 25 hit performance was done without Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Casey McGehee, or Corey Hart.  Eric Almonte and Brandon Boggs each went 4 for 5 and combined for 6 RBI’s.  What’s that?  You don’t know who Eric Almonte and Brandon Boggs are?  Well that could be because they play for the worst farm system in baseball……..right? 

We are officially through a week of games.  At this point I am certain that there is plenty of MLB talent on this roster.  Today when Rickie Weeks left the game, his back-up went 2 for 3.  Eric Farris is the back-up second baseman.  Doubt that many people have ever heard of this kid, yet he is proving that he has the skills to play with the big boys.  Almonte is making it crystal clear that he is done playing in the minor leagues.  Prince Fielder has seen very little time at 1B so far this spring, which opens the door for a guy like Almonte (Especially considering how little we have seen Kotsay on the field……is he hurt?  Oh, that’s right!  He sucks.).  Brandon Boggshas also found himself withall kinds of field time, due to Corey Hart’s baby-back ribs injury.  These guys both hit home-runs today.  Yesterday against Oakland, guess what Mr. Almonte did?  Went 3 for 4.  B-Boggswent 1 for 3 with a stolen base.

Those are only three examples, this roster is full of terrific talent.  However, as I think back just a few weeks, it seems that most baseball “insiders” had dumped our lifeless bodies off of a bridge.  Even Good Housekeeping magazine had our farm system ranked dead last.  From what I can see so far of these guys, I think the farm system is doing just fine.  We might be a little light in the loafers as far as pitching goes, but we certainly have alot of great talent to look forward too.

     The stolen base streak ends at…..well I am going to call it 8 games.  They stole 3 bases in one game yestrday, but zero in the other.  Whah whah.    

     Zack Greinke did not look too sharp yesterday.  Certainly no reason to hit the panic button.  Right now he seems to be giving each batter a 6 pitch minimum, it’s too bad most bars are not that lenient.  On the down side, he gave up 5 hits in 2 innings.  On the up side, he only gave up one run. 

     Corey Hart re-boobooed his ribs during some fielding drills on Sunday.  At this point, he might play this spring…….or he might not.  No one seems to be all that concerned. 

     Chris Narveson looked pretty solid yesterday.  Nothing flashy, 2 innings and 1 hit.  Every time he strings together consecutive solid outings, you have to acknowledge it.  Who knows when you will see it again?

     Yo Gallardo was spectacular today.  3 complete innings, only giving up 2 hits while striking out 5 batters.  Most impressively, he struck out NL MVP Joey Votto…..twice.  Once Yo-Yo was done, the Ax effect struck out 2 of the 3 batters he faced.  Followed by 2 more innings of shutout ball, thanks to Kam Loe.  Pitching staff was at full attention today!!  Well played soldiers, now put that away and save some for the games that matter. 

     Tomorrow the Brewers will be taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles.  Same bat time, same bat channel.  If you have a few minutes and want to read up on your enemy……I know a guy.  Kenny Shulsen over at Lasorda’s Lair talks about the Dodgers injury bug that’s already going around. 

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