There is a saying that I have always held true, "everything happens for a re..."/> There is a saying that I have always held true, "everything happens for a re..."/> There is a saying that I have always held true, "everything happens for a re..."/>

Yovani Gallardo deserves to pitch opening day


There is a saying that I have always held true, “everything happens for a reason”.  If Zack A-Shaq wouldn’t have made the rebound heard round the world, he would be starting opening day.  In my opinion, it should have been Yo from the start.  He is the only pitcher in the starting rotation with any playoff experience, plus he was your opening day pitcher last year.  So, how could it have been such an open and shut case that Greinke would start opening day!  Or was it?  Maybe that was the skippers plan all along.  Sadly we will never know…..and quite frankly it does not matter.

YoGa has already proven this spring that he is the sharpest tool in the shed.  We also need to keep in mind, even though Greinke and Marcum are the shiny new toys, Gallardo is the Ace of this staff.  A 14-7 record last season and a 2-0 record in spring training.  He has pitched 5 innings and already has two wins and 7 K’s.  It is easy to forget how important this guy is to our franchise.  There was really no reason for any of us to think that Greinke would pitch opening day.  If you give me the choice between Greinke and Gallardo to start Game 7 of the World Series ten times, I will pick Yo-Yo all ten times.  I could not be happier that Yovani will be the first pitcher on the mound this season.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brew Stew

  • I slept on it………Greinke is still an idiot.
  • Chris Narveson is going to open Miller Park this season.  He has looked really strong so far this spring, including today.  Pitched 3.2 innings, allowing 4 hits and one run.  Also recorded two K’s.  Looks like he may have put the pieces together.  
  • Yuniesky Betancourt can not throw to 1st base.  Had not one, but two throwing errors in this afternoons game against the Rockies.  This did not surprise me.
  • Eric Almonte is possessed by the demon of Babe Ruth.  Almonte went 2 for 2 (including the game winner) in yesterday’s victory over the D’Backs and pulled a 2 for 3 out of today’s game hat.  Today’s performance bumps his batting average up to .452
  • Rickie Weeks is very quietly putting together a perfect spring.  It seems like the coaching staff is trying to get him more accustomed to taking pitches.  Rickie’s OBP is a staggering .600 
  • On a personal note, there is no clear leader to start opening day at catcher.  None of these guys are really stepping up to seize the opportunity.  Kind of disappointed that Kottaras is not playing better.  I wish that I could be disappointed in Wil Nieves, but I already knew that he was never going to make the team (his .214 BA is making me look pretty good). 
  • Carlos Gomez is trying to shove my foot into my mouth.  I will admit, he has had a phenomenal start to the spring.  If he can sustain this for a few weeks, then I will consume my Reebok. 
  • Prince Fielder did NOT try to fight anyone today……at least not in plain sight. 
  • Craig Counsell played today……..kind of.
  • Chris Dickerson played the whole game in RF today.  Played great, went 3 for 5 with 2 RBI’s.  Like the guy a lot, so he needs to keep it up.


Tomorrow the Crew will be playing the Oakland A’s.  The last time these two met, the game ended on a Brewers walk-off home run.  My guy Joseph Lopez wrote this great article about some of the emerging A’s this spring.  Great article if you know nothing of the A’s farm system (like me).  I bet no one can guess what time tomorrow’s game starts.  Yup.  You guessed it, 2:05 CST.  Check it out.

     My pal Colin is creating the ultimate Brewers pitching staff.  I have seen it……………prepare to have you minds blown.  Look for it in the coming days.  Until tomorrow, Say No to Rebounds Brewers fans.