All-Brewers Team: The Pitchers

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3. Bill Wegman (1985-1995)

This decision has sentimental value for me, but that is not why he made this rotation.  With Bill Wegman, you did not get a guy with terrific stuff (see Caldwell and Higuera), but you got an absolute fighter and work-horse.  Billy spent his entire 11 year career in a Brewers uniform.  I personally watched him go head to head with Nolan Ryan (in his prime) and get a no decision.  Wegman was a guy who only had one great statistical season.  In 1991 he went 15-7 with a 2.84 ERA.  The very next season, he had a 3.20 ERA…but his record was 13-14…and he pitched 60 more innings than he did in 1991.  Number 46 is not in this rotation because he was an amazing statistical pitcher.  The guy is on this list because every rotation needs this guy.  A guy you can count on to chew up innings and always keep your team within striking distance.

We said starting out on his endeavor that we were looking for consistent success in our pitchers. Bill Wegman may not have the numbers of a Hall of Fame guy,but he was a model of consistency. His career WAR was 16.2, and he also lands in the club’s all time top ten for wins (82), WHIP (1.29), strikeouts (696) and games started (219). He hurled 33 complete games in his time in Milwaukee, with most of them coming in the latter part of his career, a real testament the kind of attitude he brought to the team.