All-Brewers Team: The Pitchers

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4. C.C. Sabathia

I have a dilemma. On the one hand, CC more than has the chops necessary to be on an All-Time team on basically any roster – even if he didn’t play for the team. On the other hand, Sabathia only started a paltry 17 games in Brewers history.  Granted those games were phenomenal – posting 11 wins with a 1.65 ERA and 128 K’s. It is hard to deny him a spot on any team, as he is most certainly headed to Cooperstown when he hangs up his cleats. As it stands however, we have to look at an entire career to make the case for limited spots on the team. And while CC definitely pitched us into the postseason in Milwaukee, he also helped to pitch us out of it. So CC deserves the spot, absolutely, but limited starts and whatever you wanted to call his playoff performance is what drops him down to number 4 in the rotation.

Clearly this decision is based on the role he will play in Brewers folklore.  No Brewers fan can deny him the right to be a part of this pitching staff.  What that guy did for this baseball team can not be measured in units known to the common man.  CC gave us something we had not had in my entire life, a chance to play in the playoffs.  I was born in 1983, so I had waited for CC for just over 25 years.  We all knew that he was nothing more than a “rent-a-player” but we didn’t care.  In the three and a half months we were fortunate enough to watch him work, Sabathia went 11-2 with a 1.65 ERA.  As long as we don’t look at what he did in the Phillies series, we can all remember him the way he was in August, September, and… of October.  Plus, it worked out that he is also a lefty…….see you all thought Colin would only put the best 5 pitchers.  He is building a rotation that would make Zeus poop the bed.