All-Brewers Team: The Pitchers

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5. Ben Sheets (2001-2008)

The Golden Boy spent 8 seasons on the mound in Milwaukee as a highly qualified and highly talented ace on the Brewers staff during a time when Milwaukee had little to speak of in terms of pitching (or batting)(or fielding) quality. he has one of the highest Was Above Replacement in Brewers history with 23.8. Benji had an unfortunate history in Milwaukee, as injuries kept him from turning into a much better pitcher than he already was – which is pretty damn good. At the top of his career in Milwaukee in 2007-08, he had 25 wins in 55 starts, and averaged around 7 strikeouts a game. So cheers to Ben Sheets, number five in the rotation, number one in our hearts.

When this guy was healthy, he was almost unhittable.  For his career he averaged 10 K’s every 9 innings.  Sheets holds the team record for most strikeouts in a single season, 264.  His career strikeout-to-walk ratio was almost 4!!  Ben knew how to get people swinging at that 2-seam fastball.  The 2008 season really was the perfect storm for the pitching staff.  Having CC and a healthy Sheets, must have been a gift from 6 pound, 7 ounce baby Jesus.  Another pitcher robbed of his potential by that damned injury bug.  Curse you injury bug!!!!   Ben finished his career in Milwaukee with over 1,200 strikeouts and 86 wins in a Brewers uni.  He is a perfect final punch to this rotation.