Injuries starting to pile up on Brew Crew (Mostly in the ribs….)


It started with some bad sushi, then there were just some lingering aches and pains, but then came “The Rebound”.  Ever since news broke of Zack Greinke’s amazing display of basketball perfection, the team has caught…….dare I say?  The injury bug.  That bug is not your friend.  In fact, he is no one’s friend.  Injury bug’s have been plaguing our franchise for decades now.  Would the baseball gods be so cruel?  You bet your bratwurst loving arse they would.

Roster hopeful Caleb Gindl had an MRI on his right knee on Monday.  On that very same day, fellow roster hopeful Logan Schafer, fractured his thumb sliding into second base against the Giants.  Two up-and-coming young prospects make an early departure, just as they were both starting to settle in.  I am optimistic that Gindl will only be out for a few games (currently he is scheduled to be out 3-5 days, listed as an upper calf strain).  As for Schafer, his next stop will probably be Double-A.  At least he can pack up his stuff and prepare for the move.

     Monday was the same day we discovered that Chris Dickerson needed an MRI on his ribcage.  Dickerson was involved in a major collision with Pablo Sandoval between 2nd and 3rd base.  Even though Pablo has lost some weight, let’s just say that he is still a big tub of goo.  Dickerson is just the newest member of the, “Rib Cage Crew”.  He joins Ryan Braun, who left Saturday’s game with some pain in his ribs.  We have already chronicled the grand adventure of member Air Zack.  Last but not least is Corey Hart’s rib-cage strain that has rendered him useless since about the 3rd day of camp.  Now Braun played yesterday, so he is fine.  But seriously what is up with all of the ribcage injuries.  Can we get these guys a layer of bubble-wrap around the chest cavity?!?!?!

Today in Maryvale

Brewers 7  vs  Indians 9

     I really thought we had this one.  Our boys in blue hit TWO three-run homer’s in the 7th inning to give them a 7-6 lead.  Then they brought in John Axford, who had an uncharacteristically bad outing.  Ax did not record an out.  He gave up 3 singles, but walked two batters.  When you add two stolen bases, it is a recipe for blown lead.  Backup to the backup to the backup catcher Mike Rivera had one of the two-run shots, while second baseman Eric Farris supplied the other bomb.  Mat Gamel also had a hit today.  Who knows when he will have another one?  The injury bug is his #1 fan. 


Mark Rogers News

     Yesterday I wrote an article about the first group of players to be re-assigned from spring camp.  In said article, I discuss that there would probably be some decisions that I would be unhappy about in the coming days.  Well faithful reader’s, I have excellent news!!  It only took one day for that to happen. 

     To be honest, I am stunned that this decision was made today.  Mark has been battling some shoulder stiffness in his surgically repaired super-shoulder.  The day after he makes his first appearance, Gord Ash decided that he would not be ready in time for opening day.  Now his appearance yesterday was certainly Suppan-esque, but we have invested a great deal of time and energy in this kid.  Call me crazy, but I do not see how removing him from pitching against big-league bats is going to help him in his growth. 

     I am sure this will not be the last rant I go on this spring.  Stay-tuned for more of me losing my mind. 


  • Well, that is all I know for today.  Tomorrow, the Crew will be taking on the team I am forced to live with…..the Seattle Mariners.  It is the only night game we play all spring training.  Yo Gallardo is going to start the game, odds are he will have a 60-75 pitch range of work tomorrow. 

**I just heard this right before I posted this article:  Caleb Gindl has been returned to minor league camp.  Maybe next year big guy!!