No Luck of the Irish today – Marcum injures shoulder


COME OFF THE LEDGE!!!!  Shaun Marcum threw three innings of shut out baseball today.  After those three innings he complained to coahches about some shoulder tightness.  In his post game interview,  Marcum said that he did not believe that it was anything serious.  The Brewers have been tight lipped so far as to the extent of the injury.  As soon as we get an official word from them, I will be sure and pass it along.  Let’s hope that Marcum is the baseball Doogie Howser M.D.

"It’s spring training.  I’d rather miss two weeks of Spring Training than two months of the season.  That’s the way I am looking at it right now.  If it’s the regular season, especially August, September, I’m pitching through it and not saying a word."

     It’s too bad he left early today.  He looked otherworldly during his three innings on the mound today.  It was really nice to see how well he bounced back after getting whooped on last week.  He only gave up one hit (which was only a hit because Mark Kotsay lost a fly ball in the sun).  Then the bullpen picked up where he left off.  Six pitchers each threw one scoreless inning; Zack Segovia, John Axford, Kam Loe, Mitch Stetter, Mike McClendon, and Justin James.  That being the case, Marcum got the win today. 

     This news is giving me more ulcers.  I literally just got the Greinke ulcer under control, and now I need to up the TUMS intake.  We really need Marcum to be healthy.  Why?  Because we do not have a back-up plan at starting pitcher.  If any of our five slated starters go down for an extended period of time, we could find ourselves on the wrong end of a loser sandwich.  Mr. Marcum, please pray to the god of your choice for strength and super-human healing powers.  I think LeAnn Rimes said it best, “How Do I Live Without You”.

Brewers beat the White Sox today 4-0.


Yesterday’s News, Today 

What a special treat for me.  The one time this season I will get to watch the Brewers play the Seattle Mariners.  Best part, it was on good old fashioned television… night.  No MLB Network or MLB.TV for this guy!!

     Yo Gallardo just mowed down the Mariners batters.  He gave up a quick run in the first inning, but never looked back.  Threw 4 innings and some change, while striking out three batters.  Yo was spotting his fastball really well and looked to have control of his whole arsenal.  In my opinion, Gallardo is ready to go.  Look around you Ron Roenicke!!  Every single day a new player is added to the injury report.  To me, that means you take it very easy on Yo-Ga.  Each time he walks out on that mound, the odds of injury go up.  I am not saying don’t play him at all, but let’s not push our luck right now. 

     Zach Braddock is having a HORRIBLE spring.  Gave up 3 runs in one inning.  Yesterday’s outing pushes his spring ERA to 11.37.  The Ying to Braddock’s Yang, is Pat Egan.  This years Rule Five Draft pick has yet to surrender a run this spring.  At this point, you have to put him on the roster.  The guy is to talented to just give him back to the Orioles.  This would be an epic mistake by management.  Egan should be a part of this franchise, end of discussion. 

Erick Almonte knocked in the eventual game winner, making the socre 5-4 in the Top of the 9th.  Every day, this guy is proving that he should make the team.  Clearly, the guy knows how to work the bat.  Defensively, he is taking reps at SS, OF, and 1B.  I can not imagine a scenario where they would make him work this hard, just to send him to Triple-A.  Last night’s game winner had to have been the icing on his roster hopes cake.

Good night everyone.  Hope you are all enjoying this most blessed of holidays, St. Patrick’s Day.  Tomorrow we are going to have a serious discussion about who should be on the bench to start the season.  There are 6 guys who I will be dissecting in tomorrow’s article.  I will need your help to find out who is really deserving of this dubious honor.  See you tomorrow!!  Be safe out there tonight.