Brewers make bizarre trade


It was reported last night that the Brewers had made yet another dealwith the Royals of Kansas City.  Brett Carroll is the newst Brewer on the block, we were able to acquire him through “cash considerations”.  Carroll is a right handed OF, with no real track record of being that good.  In 4 major league seasons with the Marlins, Brett had an ulcer-inducing .205 batting average.  Since he is our newest play thing, I also took a look at some of his minor league accomplishments.

Brett Carroll does not have any minor league accomplishments, per se.  His batting average has a major spike in Triple-A, but he is a lifetime .255 minor league batting average (thank you  This guy does not seem to be anything special.  I don’t much care for the timing of this deal either.  Did we just need more depth in the outfield at Triple-A?  Surely this guy will not be competing for a roster spot……right?  No.  No way.  This could only be a move made for depth in Triple-A.  That being the case, I have to wonder, why this guy? 

     Now, who really knows what “cash considerations” are?  I certainly don’t.  Will McDonald over at Royals Review really sums it up:

"It is not known whether that cash is in all coins, a mix of coins and bills, or is simply imaginary"

After reading his article, it seems like Royals fans are pretty unfazed by this trade.  In fact, after reading this article I think most Brewers fans will be pretty unfazed.  This deal is really just a lateral move that is not worth discussing much further.  The odds are high that Carroll never even sees Miller Park.  So, we will see if the “cash considerations” were worth it.

At this point in ST, things are winding down.  Not a whole lot of news going on, just the waiting.  Tom Petty said it best, “The wa-iting is the hardest part”.  It does not help that the team had today off.  Opening Day can not get here fast enough.

     Yesterday I lied to all of and said the Crew would be taking on the Angels……..the game is tomorrow.  So here is another chance for you to study the team that made Ron Roenicke the man he is today.  Check out this video of Torii Hunter goofing around at spring training.  Very funny, give it a glance.       

Peace out, Sauerkraut!!