A Whole Article About Brewers Injuries……..how sad


Not that knee, the other one

Just when you thought it was safe to play in a Spring Training game, Casey McGehee gets beaned in his surgically “cleaned” right knee.  The Brewers medical staff was Johnny-on-the-spot, took X-Rays immediately. They came back negative, but he still has a bruised swollen knee.  You may recall, that Casey has had surgery in each of the past two off-seasons on his right knee.  Of course when I say surgery, what I really mean is a small incision and some removal of loose bodies.  I feel like that is the kind of procedure they could just numb you for, no anesthetics necessary.  I digress.

Casey adds his name to the devil’s list.  I call it the devil’s list, because this can only be the devil’s work.  Corey Hart, Jonathan Lucroy, Zack Greinke, Ryan Braun, Chris Dickerson, John Axford, LaTroy Hawkins, Takashi Saito, Mat Gamel, Shaun Marcum, Manny Parra, Caleb Gindl, Logan Schafer, and Casey McGehee.  Did I miss anyone?  That is a really big list.  Now, many of these people are fine now and playing regularly.  Players like Hart, Lucroy, and Greinke are doubtful for opening day.

If I am manager Ron Roenicke, I am pulling the plug on several key players.  You have got to play it safe at this point.  Let bygones be bygones.  We need that list to start shrinking and the easiest way to do that, stop players from playing.  Please Ron, listen to my plea.  Stop the madness.  You have the power to end this.  You need to sit Rickie, Ryan, Prince, Casey, Shaun, and Yovanni.  That leaves you with more than enough guys to field a competitive ball club.  There is nothing to be gained at this point, so just sit them down for the next couple of days.  Now when I was a kid and I played Oregon Trail, whenever someone got sick we would just pull the wagon to the side of the trail for a few days.  This is absolutely a situation where we are going to want to stop so that Sally can kick this typhoid fever.

Now, I try to keep this blog Brewers only, but it is really hard for me to not look at what the Packers did this season.  That team was absolutely decimated by injuries, but somehow they were able to overcome that and win the Super Bowl.  The Brewers are not the Packers though.  This team really needs it’s players healthy, otherwise the wheels could fall off real real fast.

There are rumors swirling all over the place about the Brewers trying to swing a deal for Kevin Slowey of the Twins.  That is a deal that would make some sense because we have no insurance policy right now.  Slowey is a pretty good pitcher and as an insurance agent by day, believe me when I tell you that you can never have enough insurance.  However, the other side of the rumor coin has us sending Mat Gamel in return.  Even after the article I just wrote about my indifference about him, I do not like the sound of that deal.  Let’s hope these rumors remain rumors.

P.S-  In today’s ST game, the Brewers made Scott Kazmir look like Jeff Suppan.  He pitched 5 innings, but got tagged for 8 runs and 10 hits.  Randy Wolf got the win because he only gave up 4 runs.  Final score, Brewers win 11-8.  Yuni Betancourt hit a 3-run homer.  It is nice to see him playing this well, hopefully it will carry over into next week.

Happy Friday!!!  Hope you all have a glorious day full of sunshine and lollipops.