All-Brewers Team: Utility Guys

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P- Juan Nieves

I’ll be honest, I did not really want to put Juan Nieves on this team, but you can’t ignore him when you talk about Brewers history. His career ERA is nothing to write home about (4.71) and he only pitched three seasons in his career – all with Milwaukee. He does however, have the fourth highest winning percentage in Brewers history with .561. He also pitched 8 complete games and 5 shutouts. Oh, did I mention he is the only Brewer to throw a no-hitter? On April 15th, 1987 Juan Nieves took the mound at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and pitched 9 spectacular innings of baseball, posting five walks and seven strikeouts to get his second win of the season and the only no-hitter in his short-lived career. Check out the box score, it must have been a hell of a game to watch. I was but five months old at the time, so I was probably napping when this was going on – a decision I have come to regret. Nieves was a pitcher with fantastic potential but simply never panned out. Even still, he deserves a spot on this roster.