All-Brewers Team: Utility Guys

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C – Dave Nilsson

Maybe the greatest Aussie ballplayer of all time.  Granted, there are not very many on the list to begin with, but Nilsson is the only Australian to ever play in the MLB All-Star game.  Why do I like Dave so much?  Probably because he was one of the hardest working guys I have ever watched with my own two eyes.  His career started at Catcher, but due to injuries (both to Nilsson and his teammates), he ended up playing 1B, DH, LF, and Catcher during his 8 seasons with the Brewers.  This guy was my choice to be the starting Catcher for the All-Brewer team, but you all liked B.J Surhoff better.  Dave finished his career with 105 HR’s and an impressive .284 career batting average.  He was also a part of the first Aussie to Aussie inning ever pitched in MLB history (Graeme Lloyd was the pitcher).