All-Brewers Team: Utility Guys

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P- Moose Haas

The Moose played in Milwaukee for 10 seasons.  His best season occured during the summer of my birth (1983).  That year Moose posted a 13-3 record, while only recording 75 strikeout’s.  Look me in the face and tell me that is not amazing!! Haas also threw 55 complete games in his Brewers career.  He was the Brad Penny or Carl Pavano of his day.  Not a strikeout pitcher, but will always give you a good solid outing on the mound.  For the sake of this list though, I would probably move him to long relief.  Anyone who was around in the 80’s knows that Moose was money.  Plus, who doesn’t want a guy named Moose on their team?