All-Brewers Team: Utility Guys

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My surprise pick…….

INF – JJ Hardy

I know what you are all thinking, “Lou, you are crazy.  Crazy like a fox.”  I emplore you readers, at least hear me out.  I needed someone who could come off the bench to play middle infield and this was really my best option, unless you were hoping to see Pat Listach.  Hardy had two outstanding years in Milwaukee…and then a few that lead to his eventual trade.  In just ’07 and ’08 he hit 50 HR’s and had over 150 RBI’s.  For a shortstop that is pretty amazing.  Then in 2009 the guy completely fell apart, he couldn’t hit or field.  That is why I am choosing to use the ’07 and ’08 model of JJ Hardy to fill out my bench for the All-Brewers Team.  For the record, I also heavily considered Don Money as my final player.  So if you are mad because this list never once mentioned Money, now you can let it go.  He was a great 3rd baseman for a long time, but in the end JJ Hardy is just more versatile for the team as a whole.