Miller Park Opening Day Notes


Now that the sting of yesterday’s 12-3 thrashing has subsided.  Let’s move on and talk about today’s game.  The Atlanta Braves are coming in to Milwaukee to open up Miller Park for 2011 business.  Now, there are some sport’s writer’s who actually picked the Braves to unseat the Phillies in the NL East.  The Brewers need to show the Braves some respect, because if they don’t they could very easily find themselves in an 0-7 hole.

Chris Narveson takes the mound against Brandon Beachy.  This will only be the 4th start of Beachy’s career.  The Brewers need to take advantage of that fact and work the count.  Make the kid throw a lot of pitches early in the game.  As for Narveson, he just needs to be confident.  Sometimes Narveson starts to get hesitant with his pitches and that is usually when the wheels fall off of his pitching train.

Notes for Today’s Game

  • Nyjer Morgan gets his first start in a Brewers uniform.  He will be patrolling RF today.  If I were Nyjer I would take Mark Kotsay out to dinner.  The only reason Morgan will be out there today is because Kotsay proved that he is washed up this past weekend.  Starting 2 games without a hit, should get you benched.  Good for Roenicke noticing that Kotsay is the worst player on the roster. 
  • The odds are pretty good that the Miller Park  roof will be closed for today’s game.  Current weather forecast is calling for partly rainy with a chance of showers. 
  • Fans were already in the Miller Park parking lot at 8am this morning prepping the grills and getting their over-sized umbrella’s situated.  We may be off to an 0-3 start, but homecoming’s always help to ease the pain. 
  • Braves Catcher Brain McCann comes into today’s game batting .462 with 5 RBI’s.  The Brewers need to be very careful pitching to McCann today, there is no doubt that he is the hottest player in this lineup. 
  • Rickie Weeks has already hit TWO lead-off home runs this season.  Too bad neither of them have been en route to a victory for the Crew.
  • The new Miller Park scoreboard will be viewed for the first time by fans today.  Although, something tells me there have been some private 3-D viewing parties on that bad boy already. 

In Greatest News Ever

     It was announced this morning that Jeff Suppan has been signed by the Kansas City Royals.  Once he was signed, he was immediately optioned to their Triple-A affiliate.  Why is this the greatest news ever?  To be honest, as much as I despise Suppan, if he were out of the league I would have no one to throw crap at.  The day he retires, I will have no choice but to blame all of the Brewers pitching problems on somebody else.  And quite frankly, I don’t want to do that.  Making fun of Suppan is just way too easy for me.  Good Luck in KC Jeff, going back to where your odyssey of pathetic pitching began. 


After the game this afternoon, either myself or Colin will provide you with some insight.  This is a very important game.  If they win today, we can all put to rest the thought of this team finishing 0-162.  To quote one of my favorite Bill Murray movies, “We gotta take baby steps”. 

Go Brewers!!!  I may get down on you, but that is because I expect you to win every game.  Today is no different.