YO! Milwaukee Wins!


Take a deep breath everyone…we’re on the board. And tonight we have but one man to thank: Yovani Gallardo.

When a team is struggling, it sometimes requires one man on the team to take control. Yovani was that man in Miller Park tonight against the Braves. For the third time in his young career, the right hander held onto the reigns and posted a complete game, two hit shutout. The crazy part is, 18 of his outs came from ground and fly outs. He only struck out two batters. Yo is known as the strikeout specialist of the rotation, but tonight he showed everyone he knows a thing or two about working a count and jamming hitters as well. Not that many Milwaukee fans had any doubts about this guy’s talents.

It was a 1-0 victory for the Brew Crew tonight, and it seemed almost fitting that our rocky start rolled on in less than dramatic fashion on offense.  Milwaukee had seven hits tonight, and the only run was scored by – who else? – Yovani Gallardo when Ryan Braun hit a two-out single for his 3rd RBI of the season. The single should help bring up that dismal team average with runners in scoring position which sat at just a shade above .100 before tonight’s game. In not surprising news, the Brewers left eight runners stranded and Kotsay put up another zero in the hit column. Rickie Weeks also went hitless with two whiffs. The offense is nowhere close to where it needs to be, but at least someone made a play when it counted.

So Brewers fans can breathe easy tonight, and the Brewers can (hopefully) start to chase down the division in earnest now. It wasn’t the prettiest win, but you need to crawl before you can walk. If nothing else, Yovani Gallardo brought a bit of hope into Miller Park tonight and showed the fans that there is still reason to be excited about Milwaukee baseball. If only he could pitch every day.