Tuesday Keg Tap


     Today’s article has a very special treat.  A staff writer for our Twins site, Puckett’s Pond, actually attended the Brewers v Cubs game on Sunday and provided me with an unbiased review of his time in Miller Park.  Turns out he grew up in the town where I went to college…..small world man.  There is also some interesting transaction news involving the return of Jonny Lucroy and how the team will make room for him.  Crack open a cold one right here in your office and let’s get lost in some more Brewers chatter.

Weekly Awards

  • Prince Fielder was named the NL Player of the Week.  In the last week, Prince has hit .440 with 2 homers and 11 RBI’s.  Most impressively is the 21 total bases he accumulated over the past 7 days.  Prince is certainly the hottest hitter in the NL, so this award is well deserved and hopefully the first of many. 


Miller Park, through the Eyes of a Twins fan

 article by: Eric Pleiss of Puckett’s Pond


Great game to watch, as it was back and forth, so that was great.

Not being a Cubs/Brewers fan,makes it tough to get too excited, but it was great to be back at the ballpark.

My wife Laura was bummed the Cubs lost, but as a Cubs fan, she didn’t expect much.

I’d always heard that Cubs fans travel well to Milwaukee, but GOOD LORD! Cubs fans were probably only outnumbered 3-2.

Beers were spendy, but not too over priced at $7. And the grub was pretty solid, as my carved beef brisket sandwich was excellent.

I wasn’t expecting the weather to be so warm!

It was 80 degrees and the sun was shining right on us through the first 4 innings before it hid behind part of the roof.

After the sun was off, the game was much more enjoyable, as no one loves to sweat through April games.

All in all, solid experience yet again at Miller Park.

On the way out it became painfully clear that the “Aaron Rodgers Title Belt” celebration has taken hold amongst Brewer Fans, especially those Brewer fans who have enjoyed more than a few of Miller’s tasty beverages.  There was a dude wearing a Rodgers  Packers Throw Back Blue Jersey with the Gold Dot Jersey who was especially fond of including a POW with the gesture, which made the whole move pop!  

Championship fever is taking hold in Wisconsin!

As a new Wisconsin resident (going on 4 weeks!) it was fun to take in a game at Miller Park as a resident, though as a Twins fan, it’s hard to root for the Brewers, and harder even still to enjoy a title belt Pow!.  

     It was really awesome of Eric to give us this look into Brewers baseball from an outsiders perspective.  So, let’s return the favor and go over and check out his newest article.  It is about the Twins’ lack of success in their home opening series against the Athletics.  To my Twins fan followers, this is a must read article.  Thank you Eric, keep in mind that just because you live in Wisconsin does not mean you have to root for the Brewers……just don’t root against them and you will be fine. 


Lucroy Called Up Earlier than Expected

     Jonathan Lucroy was activated Monday from the DL.  In order to make room for him, the team optioned Jeremy Reed………  This is certainly a surprise.  The team has elected to keep 3 catchers on the roster for the time being.  Gord Ash spoke about the decision making process on Monday afternoon:

"With the versatility Morgan has given us and the fact we have five outfielders and with Corey [Hart] due back in the next 10 days to two weeks, this was the more logical decision at this point.        -Gord Ash  Brewers Assistant General Manager"

At this point in Reed’s career, I doubt that he would accept a minor league assignment.  That means this could be the end for Jeremy in a Brewers uniform.  That is not surprising to me, in fact I predicted that he and Kotsay would never make it through the whole season.  I still stand by that, because Kotsay has to be the next bench piece on the chopping block (after a catcher of course). 

     The Brewers have another 4 players coming off of the DL in the next 2-3 weeks, so we will see guys getting shuffled all over the place.  Right now, my guess would be that Nieves is optioned down and the team keeps Kottaras and Lucroy.


     Casey McGehee’s pinch hit game winning home run was the second of his career.  Maybe he should pinch hit more often…….no, just kidding he should always be in the lineup.  Of course we all know that McGehee was a Cub for a couple of days before the Crew picked him up off waivers.  It is always nice to have something else to fuel the rivalry fire. 

     Chris Narveson has now thrown 13 straight scoreless innings this season, but if you count the 2.2 innings he had to close out last season his streak is 15.2 innings.  Pretty amazing considering that he is lower in the rotation than Randy Wolf.  

       Nyjer Morgan continues to play out of his mind.  If you are not familiar with his alter ego Tony Plush, check out this article by Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Turns out that Morgan also grew up playing hockey……the kid loves the sport.  To that I say, “Welcome Home Nyjer”.  


     Ok everyone, I am tired and Walter “Brewers Super-Fan” is craving my attention.  Until tomorrow, stay thirsty my friends!