Rainy Day in Pittsburgh


     Well, we have had our first official rained out game of 2011.  Today’s battle with the Steelers Penguins Pirates will be played another day(Is it sad that they really are the least important team in the city?).  However, as I look at the weather forecast for tomorrow there should be some baseball.  The Pirates are really just delaying the inevitable beat down they are about to receive.  We all know that city controls the entire world’s weather patterns.  There is no sense in pretending any more. 

     Today’s cancellation will not affect the Brewers scheduled starting pitchers.  Shaun Marcum will still take the hill tomorrow, followed by Randy Wolf and Chris Narveson.  Roenicke said today that he was still not sure if Marco Estrada would get the start on Saturday in Washington D.C.  Tom Haudricourt speculatesthat in the end RR will go with Gallardo on Saturday. 

     Jon Lucroy was already scheduled to start behind the plate in tonight’s Game That Never Was.  This says to me, “Lou, Ron does not think that Kottaras or Nieves are better than a rusty Lucroy.”  I would have to agree with myself on this one.  There is no way that Lucroy’s bionic thumb will make his performance any worse than his backups.  Quickest way to knock the rust off of the guy is just to chuck him out there and hope for the best. 

In ‘Let’s be careful about being too aggressive’ news, tonight Josh Hamilton (reigning AL MVP) broke a bone in his arm sliding into home plate.  His 3rd base coach sent him on a tag play and now the Rangers will be without Josh Hamilton for 6-8 weeks.  This makes me nervous about our newest style of play.  While it is very exciting, and I have thus far enjoyed it greatly, it can get your players injured.  I don’t want to panic anyone, it has just been a slow Brewers news day and I can’t help but think about us losing Ryan Braun on something like that.  Ouch.

Late Monday night, the Brewers placed Takashi Saito on the 15-day DL.  Saito has been having hamstring tightness since his meltdown against the Braves last week.  This means tha the team is bringing back, one of my personal favorite guys, Brandon Kintzler.  Welcome back Brandon!!  (Might want to keep that sub-lease in Nashville though, Manny Parra, Saito, and LaTroy Hawkins will all be back at some point)

Since it was a slow news day, I am seriously out of stuff to write about.  Rather than me rambling about nothing, here is a picture of the next great comeback mustache.  John Axford brought back the Rollie Fingers, who is going to bring back the 1920’s handle bar/mutton chop combo?  Sadly, this picture of late night talk show host Conan O’Brien was the closest example I could find for you.  Who among you doesn’t want to see Craig Counsell rocking this look………….