By now all of us Brewers fans know that the Brewers acquired  Nyger Morgan from the Nationals late in spring training.  He is a small man that packs a big punch.  Known best for running down catchers, usually twice his size.  What most of you may not know is that he always brings a friend to the party in the form of an alter ego he calls Tony Plush.

Tony Plush, as Nyjer says, is his “gentlemans” name.  An alter ego that started when he was just a kid.  Initially, it was just a nickname used among a trio of Morgan’s childhood friends, which also included “James Dean” and “Frankie Sleaze.” Together, they were the Rat Pack, and it had nothing to do with baseball.

Over the years it has transformed into an alter ego like none that has come before it.  At times Plush has even become Morgan’s mindset when he steps on a baseball field.

"Because I’m an entertainer.  You know, I’ve got to go out there and entertain every night, so I figure everybody needs a stage name….I’m not crazy, just out there having fun, just enjoying the game. Just trying to make it exciting, trying to put a little different twist to it.”"

Nyjer says he is a pretty laid back guy off the field and this alter ego gets him pumped up for the game.  He even gave his former teammate Adam Dunn an alter ego calling him Freddie Physical, naturally spelled F-I-Z-Z-I-C-A-L . 

While past teammates have had mixed emotions about the charater that is Tony Plush. Former teammate Willie Harris seems to be a believer.  Harris said,

"Listen, Tony Plush is all out, you can see a difference, actually. [Morgan’s] a laidback dude, all around, he’s just laid back. But when we’re playing, it’s like he’s on some kind of crunk juice or something. He’s always creating havoc, starting trouble for some pitcher. Tony Plush is the real deal."

 Now while I’m not sure I”m jumping on board the T Plush bandwagon just yet, I am very pleased with the way Nyjer and the rest of the Brew has been playing recently.  And if Nyjer needs a little Plush to get him to plow over catchers and make spectaculas catches, then I guess I can get on the Plush train full steam ahead.  Lets stick to the #Plushdamentals and get some more WINS!

Last, please check out this link of a very funny interview with the one and only Tony Plush. Click Here!  His laugh alone is worth listening to.

You can also follow Tony Plush on Twitter  @Tony_Plush