The Hangover Pt. 2………Brewers edition


I really hope that this is the last one of these………for both franchises.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole ‘Hangover’ gang, but two is enough.  The same could be said for the Brewers getting swept.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole ‘Brewers’ gang, but two is enough.  However in the case of the ‘Brewers’ gang, we could be looking at a trilogy as early as Wednesday.

The Brewers were swept this weekend, at the hands of the Washington Nationalists(I meant what I typed).  They gave a way the first game, Yo got run out of the building in game 2, and in the third game we pooped the bed altogether.  That knocks the Brewers to a 7-8 record on the season.  After 15 games, things have been very Jekyll and Hyde for this team.  Open with 4 straight losses, then win 7 of 8, but then lose another 3 in a row……….my blood pressure can’t take anymore.  My doctor has recommended I start taking Lipitor.  He also has me taking Pepcid AC for the ulcers that Randy Wolf gives me.  I digress.

Some Chit-Chat

This weekend is still pretty hazy…….let me see what I can remember……

      Yovani Gallardo has not looked sharp the last two outings.  Today was especially rough.  Yo was tagged for 7 runs this afternoon, giving up two 3-run home runs.  Something just looks off with him.  I do not think that he is hurt, but something in his mechanics looks just a little off.  The ball seems to be jumping out of his hands, but his control seems to be hit and miss.  I am sure that the pitching coaches will look at tape from today and see what we all saw.   

     Erick Almonte has pretty much punched his ticket to Nashville.  This guy was the best player on this team during spring training, but now he is no better than Craig Counsell.  2 hits in 20 at-bats is the kind of performance that will get you sent down, especially considering that Corey Hart is on pace to be back in another week or so.  I really like Almonte, but if “Cinderella” where a real story, it would probably end with the prince leaving her for another man……and then they would move to Tennessee.  Such is the life of Erick Almonte.  

     My contempt for Mark Kotsay grows daily.  Good news though, later this week we will have a special article about Mark Kotsay’s trade value.  You will not want to miss it!!

   The Washington Nationalists have a tradition, aside from the one that they stole from us.  The Gnats have “racing Presidents” (real original), as these Presidents are racing one of them is chosen to make a detour.  Waiting on the wings is a poor volunteer, wearing a cardboard sausage suit.  You read that right, a sausage suit made out of cardboard.  So the cardboard sausage waits off to the side, and as the chosen President gets close to the sausage, he veers to the sausage and jumps on it/her/him.  This of course crushes the cardboard costume, which pleases the 37 fans in attendance.  This would be way more hilarious if they had not blatantly stole our sausage racing idea.  It’s called plagiarism Washington D.C., surprised you have never heard of it.  

     This team needs Greinke and Hart to comeback.  Not just because of the talent they bring, but a little change in personnel can really impact a team.  Some team chemistry will re-emerge betweek Hart and the rest o the lineup.  Greinke will certainly help give the team a little emotional boost, especially when he pitches at Miller Park.  We need something to punch us in the arm and I think the return of those two pieces could really give this team a nice kick in the rump roast.  

     Nyjer Morgan got booed.  Not really surprising.  But I doubt that Tony Plush cares about getting booed by the 11 people at that game.  Tony Plush might also start looking really good platooning and eventually taking over CF.  Gomez is still not very good at the plate, but his glove and arm in the field are outstanding.  Nyjer is good at the plate and equally as good in the field.  Things tend to unfold the way the universe wants them too.  The universe loves her some Tony Plush. 


Phillies Series

     The Crew starts a 3 game series in Philly on Monday(today, depending on when you are reading this).  The match ups do not favor us at all;

Game 1: Shaun Marcum  vs  Joe Blanton

Game 2: Randy Wolf  vs Roy Halladay

Game 3: Chris Narveson  vs  Cliff Lee

     Our best hope is game 1, other wise we are looking at another sweep.  Which would mean we go 0-6 on this road trip and dig ourselves an extremely deep whole.  We are currently 2 games back of the Reds and a 1/2 game behind the Cardinals, so losing another 3 games is not going to make that any easier. 


     Well, that is all I can remember for now.  Look for some more stuff about the Phillies series on Monday (today, again depending on when you read this for the first time). 

     Now, I am not taking credit for the Brewers success…..however, every time I have posted about everyone sending out good vibes it has worked.  So let’s give it a go today.  Send all of your good thoughts and happy energy to the Brewers and we will beat the Phillies. 

     If you have Chris Narveson in your fantasy baseball league, you better read this articleby Nathaniel Stoltz of Call to the Pen.  It will put your mind at ease.  

     Until next time, honey badger don’t care!!