Randy Wolf made Roy Halladay look like Randy Wolf


This morning Iwas sitting in my office.  As I sat there, I thought about the match-up of Roy Halladay against Randy Wolf.  I began to cry………inside.  On paper, this match up lookedworse than Mike Tyson fighting a 3rd grader.  My brain had officially chalked the game up as a lose.  Now that is not saying that I think Randy Wolf is a bad pitcher, but Roy Halladay is sort of….the best.  Plus, the game was being played in Philly.  The way the offense had been playing, I just assumed Wolf would give up 5 or 6 and Halladay would give up 1 or 0.  Turns out I was half right.

The Brewers beat the Phillies, for the second day in a row, by the final score of 9-0.  Randy Wolf went out and pitched 6 innings of 2 hit baseball against one of the best offensive lineups in the game.  On the other side of the coin, Halladay went 6.2 innings with 10 hits and 6 runs.  How could this be happening?!?!?  Do I have a brain tumor?  Is my wife secretly poisoning me with crazy pills?

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone."

Ok, I am better now.  It was just the Twilight Zone.

Every corner of the lineup made an impact in the run support department.  Even Mark “The Crypt keeper” Kotsay had a hit and RBI.  Ryan Braun is just making pitchers look downright foolish this season.  He reached base safely all 4 times that he faced Halladay, including a beautiful opposite field home run in the 3rd inning.  Braun was Halladay’s huckleberry tonight (Get it?  It’s a ‘Tombstone’ reference……because he’s ‘Doc’ Halladay………rent it).  Casey McGehee hit a monster 3-run rocket into the left field seats during an explosive 7th inning.  That launch blew the Crew’s lead to 7 runs.

     The craziest thing I have seen in quite some time happened during this game.  Erick Almonte came in to pinch hit for Randy Wolf in the 7th inning.  He struck out, against who else but ‘Doc’ Halladay, to start the 7th inning.  The Brewers then proceeded to bat a round, which allowed Almonte to get another at-bat.  In his second AB, he slapped a fast ball right back up the middle knocking in 2-runs.  This was nice to see.  I don’t think Almonte will be around once Hart is ready to come back, let’s be real.  Management is pitching a tent over Kotsay and Counsell, so Almonte is the odd man out. 

     I never properly introduced our newest writer Joe Wickersheim.  Everyone, here is one of Joe’s articles.  Joe, this is everyone.  Good, we’re all friends now.

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Don’t ask me how this happened, but the Brewers are tied for 1st in the NL Central now.  Looks like the Reds have some issues of their own……other than their starting pitcher doing a sweet Winona Ryder impersonation.

     Until next time, don’t ever let a girl show you up this badly.