Brewers lose Game 3 and I can’t tell the difference between Geoff Jenkins and Randy Wolf


     The article I posted yesterday was primarily about the impressive performance of Randy Wolf.  My goal was to find a very unique picture of him in his Brewers uni, to celebrate the ocassion.  As I searched the World Wide Web for photos, I stumbled upon a true gem…or so I thought. 

The only thing I could think of when I saw this photo, was picture day at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Kenosha, WI.  It was the same guy taking the pictures every year.  I do not remember much about him other than the sweater vests.  Usually tan, with a blue or white dress shirt underneath.  This guy had no real cutting edge poses for you.  He just told you to sit on the stool, while he set up the background screen your parents picked out.  Then some poor lady had to stand there and hand out plastic combs for us to brush our hair.  When you finally sat down, the only advice he gave you was, “Tilt your head back”.  Then he had this lame plastic bird on top of his camera, which naturally he would demand you look at as he snaps the picture.  Even as a youth I found myself longing for something more from my school photos.  Wait, what the h— was I talking about?

Ah yes, Randy Wolf/Geoff Jenkins.  When I saw the above picture I immediately thought that maybe that same sweater vested man took the Brewers photos too.  It is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities, Kenosha being just 35 minutes from Milwaukee.  In my haste(and strange giddiness), I did not even think to really look at the picture in question.  This morning, it was brought to my attention by a loyal follower (thanks Brian)that the picture I used for an article about Randy Wolf, was in fact Brewers legend Geoff Jenkins.  Let me tell you, my face is still a bright rose color.  But, this made me wonder if anyone else could tell the difference either?

Let me offer Exhibit A, B, and a creepy C:











Ok, so the last one is just plain creepy.  However, if we examine the first two offerings you will notice a shocking similarity in the facial region.  It was just a case of mistaken identity, like in ‘The Big Lebowski’.  I got the wrong Lebowski….at least I didn’t piss on anyone’s rug.

Now, I have to apologize because I should have done a better job of checking my content.  You all deserve better.  My goal in this is to show that it was an honest mistake.  If you look at them real quick, it is a real head scratcher.  I really just wanted an “All-American” look from Randy Wolf and I came up with the always classy Geoff Jenkins.  I am embarrassed and I hope you can all forgive me for this little boo-boo.

Now, for the “Real”News

The Brewers took a quick 3 to nothing lead, which was highlighted by Ryan Braun blowing off Ed Sedar’s base coaching and then sliding safely into home.  Ryan Braun has all of the confidence in the world right now, but I am sure that Sedar and Roenicke will be chatting with Braun about this snafu.  Chris Narveson threw a terrific game, but made one bad pitch location mistake to Placido Polanco.  That one bad pitch tied the game at 3’s.  Brandon Kintzler was the same story, different chapter.  The kid threw 1.2 innings of 1 hit ball, sadly it was a long shot by Shane Victorino which ended up being the game winner.  Narvs and Kintzler combined to strike out 7 Phils.  Jon Lucroy hit  home run to give the Crew a 3-0 lead in the 4th inning.  Having him back in the lineup is really making a huge difference.  Since coming back to the lineup, Lucroy is batting north of .350.

     For the third game in a row, the Brewers starting staff matched the Phillies punch-for-punch.  Marcum out-dueled Blanton, Wolf was epic against Halladay, and today Narveson hung with Cliff Lee.  This gives me an incredible amount of hope.  If the offense can just knock in some more runs, this team is going to be what we all thought they could be.  According to ‘Duk over at Big League Stew, the Brewers starting rotation has the best ERA in the game.  I will allow a second for that to settle in.   (pause) 

     Our biggest problem (I can’t believe I am saying this), is driving in runs.  This team has only scored more than 6 runs oncethis season and that was against Roy Halladay of all fricking people.  Today was another example, we left 14 runners on base in todays game.  That is beyond surprising, but it is reality.  The pitching staff has looked majestic in the first 3 weeks of the season.  Then you have Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder driving in runs, that is just not going to be enough. 

I have said it before and I will say it agian now, when Hart and Greinke come back this team is going to go on a winning streak.  Mark my words……….mark them!!!!!!

Ryan Braun has reached base safely in every single game this season.  Could Braun win MVP?  From what I have seen so far, he probably should.  He is only 5 games away from tying Robin Yount’s team record of 23 straight.  Here is Braun’s Line; .373 BA, .493 OBP, 5 HR’s, and 12 RBI’s.  Prince Fielder is on the same track; .338 BA, .419 OBP, 3 HR’s, and 17 RBI’s.  This could be the best 3-4 combo in the game right now.

     That is all I know for now.  I will leave you with this.  Turns out that the Phillies Phanatic (what ever the h that means) is actually a licensed CPR expert.  Watch him blast a slightly more realistic yellow….thing, then provide it with CPR. 

P.S- The Crew has tomorrow off, so look for something special on Friday morning.